Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mid-Term Eligibility

We are just about at the halfway point of the first trimester and our first progress reports will be issued soon. Teachers will have all mid-term grades posted on Infinite Campus by 8am Thursday morning. Our new rule this year states that any student-athlete who receives any grade below C- in any class will be placed on academic probation. This status will require that the student turn in a weekly progress report to his/her coach and to the athletic director. If the coach or athletic director determines that adequate progress is not being made, then the student shall be ineligible to play in any games or meets until the next progress is reported the following week. The purpose of this rule is not punitive. We want every student-athlete to remember which word comes first, STUDENT. Every coach knows that academics come first. They will always let you stay after for extra help or to makeup work. We expect our student-athletes to show the same level of dedication and determination in the classroom as they do in their respective sports.**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Again to summarize: Any student who receives any grade below C-is still eligible to participate, however, the student will be placed on academic probation. This will require a weekly progress report to be filled out. If the student fails to turn in the progress report or if the progress report is unsatisfactory, the student will be ineligible to play in any game or meet until the next progress report.
Please keep in mind that the MIAA eligibility rule guides us at the end of the trimester. In order to be eligible for the winter season, students must earn 8 credits.
If you have any questions regarding any of these rules, please contact Mr. Rodgers at .

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