Monday, January 9, 2012

Boys Track Wins Again

The boys’ track team had a spectacular day at the Auerbach Freshman/Sophomore meet on Saturday. Officials said that it was the largest competition of its kind ever run in Massachusetts but the Panthers came ready to compete and were not intimidated by the huge field of athletes. In fact, WH athletes ran, jumped, and threw for personal bests across the board all day long. Justin Hall and Jake Roumanos competed in the shot put, Ricky Schneider and Darren Bickle had outstanding long jump performances, Anthony Caliri and Stephen Stephansky ran for personal best times in the 300 and 600, Brian Sheppard and Nate Almeida improved on their mile times, and Pat Brett improved on his 2 mile time by about 20 seconds. It was a great day overall and the whole team now looks forward to the meet vs. Pembroke on Wednesday.


Justin Hall- 28’ 8” in the shotput

Jake Roumanos- 35’ in the shotput

Pat Brett- 11:40 in the 2 mile

Brian Sheppard- 5:17 in the 1 mile

Nate Almeida- 5:28 in the 1 mile

Anthony Caliri- 43.6 in the 300

Darren Bickle- 43.2 in the 300 and 16’ 3” in the long jump

Ricky Schneider- 7.55 in the 55 Dash and 17’ 1” in the long jump

Stephen Stephansky- 1:35.5 in the 600

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