Monday, June 11, 2012

Impact test Instructions

ImPACT Testing Instructions Before you start: This is not an intelligence test. The test will be tough. You will not get every question right. If you get a question wrong just go to the next one. Please read the directions carefully. Raise your hand if you have any questions. You want to answer the questions as accurately and as quick as possible. There will be ABSOLUTELY no talking. It is extremely distracting to other test takers. Raise you hand if you have any questions. Use the mouse throughout the test unless you are told to use the keys or type letters. Please try your best because the test will recognize if you are trying to fail and you will have to take the test again. 1) Log on to computer 2) Pull up internet and go to 3) Select launch baseline test 4) Enter WH code: DB197B9DD3 5) Enter information the test asks for and complete symptom check list before beginning test. Ex. Hours of sleep, sport, history of concussions, ect 6) When you’re done hit the finish button then you may close the browser and log out.

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