Saturday, October 18, 2014

Important Information For Community Service Give Back Day

It is very important that we represent our teams and school in a positive fashion during this community service event.  Captains, please print out this post and read it to your entire group so everyone is clear.

1) Safety is our top priority.  No horseplay while walking along side of the road.  Stay well off the road and don't walk shoulder to shoulder making it difficult for cars to get by you.
2) Stay in groups of at least 3 students (more if needed).  Do not go to any house alone.
3) Be polite when going door to door regardless of whether the people help us or not.  Here is the script you should use -
"Hello we are members of the Whitman-Hanson _______________team and we are holding a community service project today.  We are going house to house collected unneeded and old footwear.  It doesn't matter what condition they are in, we can find a good use for them.  Some of these shoes will be offered to local families who are in need, some will go to other local charities while others will be recycled or sent over seas. "
You can offer to come back later if they need some time and you can even invite them to drop them off in the main office of the high school before Wednesday this week.  If they decline or say they do not have any, please still be very police and thank them for their  time and invite them to a game.

When you actually collect the shoes (it doesnt matter what kind), tie the laces together so the left and right shoe stay together.

Remember your group should also be cleaning up trash along your route.  Captains should report back to the high school, room 159 at 3pm.  Please bring the bags of trash and sneakers so we can see which teams collected the most.

Also, this is a great opportunity for older players to mentor younger teammates from the freshmen and Jv teams.  Be good role models for them.

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