Monday, February 1, 2016

Girls’ and Boys Soccer Awards 2015

Girls’ Soccer Awards 2015
·         All Stars – Elana Wood, Kelsey Gilbert, Alexis Fruzzetti, Rachel Kelly, Lindsey Anderson, Lauren Bonavita, Taylor Kofton
·         All Scholastics – Enterprise – Rachel Kelly, Kelsey Gilbert, Alexis Fruzzetti, Lauren Bonavita, Taylor Kofton
                                    Globe/Herald – Taylor Kofton
·         Sportsmanship – Taylor Robertson
·         Scholastic Award – Madison Shea

  • Most Improved – Madison Shea
  • UnSung Hero – Rachel Kelly
  • Coaches Award – Alexis Fruzzetti
  • Offensive Player – Lauren Bonavita
  • Panther Award – Taylor Kofton
  • MVP – Kelsey Gilbert
  • 2016 Captains –
    • Taylor Robertson
    • Katie Korzec
    • Elana Wood

Boys Soccer
The awards were as follows; MVP-Brian McGahan, Player of the year-Kevin Emery, Offensive player-Brain McGahan, Defensive player-Tom Chmura, Most improved-Jack Molito, Scolar award-Conor Keane, and Sportsmanship award-Nick Haley. Next year's captains are Tom McGahan, Bobby Whitman, and Conor Keane.

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