Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thank you to the Staff, Coaches and Class of 2016

Almost 3 years ago, a little boy stepped into WH High School... excited to finally be old enough to participate in a Panther Basketball Camp. While we all know that is where he met his best buddy, Mitchell Kinney! Their friendship and bond is unlike any other... A connection sometimes hard to explain..but if you've been a part of it... You just get it... You see it! They have changed our two families completely & their bond will last a lifetime!
I wanted to take this time to "Thank You". Jacob has been a part of an incredible journey with the Varsity basketball team, the Players...Coaches... and Parents as well as the Students. You have all given my little boy memories that will last a life time. From the pre game rituals (which were intense and usually started at 7 home) to the drives to the games, homework being done in the parking lots! Dinners on the run... Jacob would work hard and get all his tasks done to get to those games! He puts in his time practicing at home. All these things he has learned by watching you! He has witnessed good sportsmanship by watching you!
He has learned that no matter the outcome of the game.. You never give up! He learned by watching you.. That being a part of a TEAM... Included everyone! He learned by watching you! He learned that wearing his "52" Panther Uniform meant you are representing the entire Town. How you behaved on the court or in the Fan Section.... You behaved... He learned by watching you....You had fun... But most importantly you were LOUD and SUPPORTIVE!! Ha ha!!!
Jacob may not know all of you.... But you have impacted his life! A little smile... A fist pump...Maxine giving up her front row seat at the Garden so Jacob could be a part of that night with Big Mitch! These moments melt my heart... These moments are what make memories! So I thank you!!! Thank you for being YOU!!

Wishing you all an amazing next chapter!

Best of luck,
Jacob & Family


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