Sunday, October 16, 2016


On Saturday evening at the Barnstable Fairgrounds, under the lights, the Whitman-Hanson Varsity Boys and Girls made a great showing.  The Girls, despite an injury to Olivia Morse who sat out the race, ran well finishing 22nd overall as a team.  More importantly, five of the six runners set a new personal record in the 5K while a sixth runner a current season record.  A great night for the ladies:

Nicole Norve, 59, 20:15 (SR)

Julia Cosgrave, 80, 20:43 (PR)

Lillian Perkins-Residorf, 160, 22:28 (PR)

Camryn Boyce, 161, 22:29 (PR)

Maeve Rooney, 167, 22:41 (PR)

Victoria Carleton, 171, 22:50 (PR)

For the Boys, who finished 13th out of the 34 Division 1 teams, it was also a terrific race.  Two runners set new personal records and one a current season best.  The results:

Jack Ryan, 55, 16:58 (SR)

Lukas Moscoso, 79, 17:19

Bryce Pulkinen, 82, 17:20

Andrew Newman, 84, 17:21

Alex Uva, 154, 18:11 (PR)

Cam Wilson, 186, 18:38

Bryan Tyrie, 241, 20:17 (PR)

Full results can be seen at the following links:


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