Thursday, March 2, 2017

Girls LAX Tryout Information

W-H Girls Lacrosse Try-out Information
Monday 3/20-Wednesday 3/22 from 2:00-4:00 at the turf. Teams will be assembled after Wednesday’s try-outs. * Varsity practices are 2:00-4:00 also M-F
Scrimmages (home):              JV (5:15PM) & Varsity (4PM) vs. Apponoquet Fri 3/24
                                   Varsity (6PM) vs. Weymouth Tues 3/28
Varsity will have Sunday practices this year (5:30-7PM)
What to bring:
All girls MUST have a stick, mouthguard, sneakers (AND cleats if you have them) and goggles to try out.
NO cell phones out at try-outs or practice!!
Must have current physical, impact test, and must be signed up online. Your parents need to sign up at
Every student MUST have passed  5 full credit courses (school service does not count) for term 2.  The same goes for Quarter 3 or else you will have to leave the team. You are a STUDENT first.

Please follow me on Twitter for any updates on try-outs, schedules, etc.   @WH_GirlsLax
You should also talk to my Captains (Mik White, Mel McAleer, & Taylor McVeigh) for preseason conditioning info

I look for a few things for varsity players
1.      Hard-workers (girls that see conditioning as a way to improve and get in better shape, not as a punishment)
2.      Team players (girls that motivate each other- this is a team sport, don’t be negative)
3.      NO WHINING (complaining or whining means we do more)
4.      Hustle- even if your stick skills aren’t perfect I watch to see who hustles the most. Lacrosse involves constant movement.
5.      Commitment- you are expected to practice at game speed & never miss a practice for anything other than school-related activities (jobs are not an excuse).

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  1. Now lacrosse is extremely popular game. Buy I thought it's popularity is decreasing day by day.