Saturday, August 12, 2017

Football Practice

Varsity/JV Football: first practice Friday the 18th meetings at 3 on field 3:45-5:45, 

Saturday meetings at 7:30 practice 8:15-10:15 

Sunday off

Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd Wednesday 23rd Weight  Room Testing 2:00 meetings 3:00 practice 3:30-5:30 

Times listed are when we will start so please be ready to go at that time.

All players should have a notebook and a pencil for all meetings. 

The first three days are helmet only practices, on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in uppers.

Please hydrate before practice and make sure you eat a lunch before as well. 

Freshmen Football

Monday 21st- Friday 25th practices will be at 9:00 am


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  2. how do i sign up for football i already took the memory test