Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Strong Showing from WH FH

The Whitman-Hanson Field Hockey Panthers played on the road against the Duxbury Dragons and lost 1-0. The Panthers and Dragons played an entire half with no goals between both clubs. Both teams had their opportunities, but neither could capitalize due to some very stingy defensive play. The Dragons were able to sustain more offensive pressure in the second half than the Panthers, but were still unable to score. The Panthers defense, made up of Olivia Sheehan, Kathryn Dunn, Noelle Cornetta, Skylar Leonard and goalie, Maddie Savicke, had the work cut out for them dealing with Duxbury's offense. The Dragon's broke the tie with a late goal after of a fury of saves by Maddie Savicke within the last 7 minutes of the game. The Panthers had some rushes of their own in the second, but did not fair as well as the Dragons.

Patriot League

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