Monday, October 22, 2018

Winter Sports Meetings and Information

The winter sports season starts on the Monday after Thanksgiving which is November 26th.  In order to tryout you must have passed 5 classes for term 1. That is the grade on the progress report not what your grades are on that date.  Your parents had to sign you up at by filling out the permission slip.  You need an up to date IMPACT test.  Those tests are good for 2 years which  usually means all freshmen and juniors need to take it this year.  Students must also have an up to date physical. Physicals are good for 13 months and once they are expired you are ineligible to play on that date.
The teams will all hold pre season meetings with the coaches on Thursday November 1st.  All athletes from all sports will report to the PAC for a general meeting at 1:47pm. Please be on time.  When the meeting concludes you will go to the following places with your coaches:

Boys Basketball:  PAC
Girls Basketball:  Room 161
Boys and Girls Track: Small Lecture Hall
Boys Hockey: room 329
Girls Hockey:  Main office conference room
Gymnastics: Room 159
Swimming: Library conference room
Cheerleading: room 359

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