Monday, April 22, 2019

Rolling Celtics Coming to WH

We are excited to be bringing a very special opportunity to the Whitman-Hanson community.  WH Athletics has partnered with Independence Associates to bring the Rolling Celtics to our school on Friday May 3rd at 6:30pm.  This organization plays wheelchair basketball and these athletes are very impressive. 

However, the real benefit of this program is to give our students an opportunity to gain a sense of empathy for those living with disabilities.  Our students will be impressed with the courage and determination of these athletes.  The program includes a demonstration of how wheelchair basketball is played and everyone in attendance will be offered the chance to participate.  The coach of the team will teach our students and other adults how the game is played.

Admission is free but donations will be accepted.

Learn more about Independence Associates here.

hope to see you there!

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