Thursday, May 2, 2019

Girls LAX

Whitman Hanson 13 - Hull 0
Whitman Hanson played consistently with solid defense and steady offense.  The first half ended with a score of 10 - 0 and the game went to running time.  WH scored three more goals in the second half to end with a score of 13 - 0.  Ava Barry anchored the defense in goal to achieve the shutout with two point blanks saves in the second half.  Scorers were:  Zoe Lydon, 3G, Bryn Miller 2G 1A, Taylor Ross 2G, Jackie Keenan 1G 1A, Brooke Connors 1G 1A, Joli Flamos 1G, Savannah Poirier 1G Katie Mulligan 1G, Sami Whitman 1G and Emily Berthiaume 1A for a total of 9 scorers in the game which is a record number of scorers in a single game for the season.  

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