Sunday, June 16, 2019

That's A Wrap

Well that’s a wrap on the 2018/2019 WH Athletic season which saw a record 1,003 roster spots filled by 606 different students.  More than half of our student population participated in some level of athletics this school year.  As impressive as those numbers are though, I believe we can go even higher.  We believe that every student could benefit from being a part of an athletic team.  It doesn’t matter your athleticism or skill level, we have a something for all students.  The entire list of offerings can be found at .  To parents, if your son or daughter doesn’t currently participate please consider discussing it with them. 

Everyone who would like to participate next school year, should have their parents go to and fill out the online permission slip as soon as possible.  These lists are shared with coaches and they often communicate information about the team using these lists.  All student athletes and their parents should be reminded that there is a mandatory Athletic First Night meeting on Sunday August 18th at 5pm in the PAC at the high school.

Captains are reminded that the council meetings have been set for the summer.  If you did not attend last meeting you should contact Coach Rodgers at  The next meeting is tomorrow (Monday 6/17 at noon in the library).

Finally, a very important reminder to all students that in order to be eligible to play sports next school season, you must have earned 20 credits this school year.  Anyone who failed to meet that threshold is ineligible to participate in athletics until the spring season as the next marking period of record doesn’t take place until semester one in January.  If you failed to reach the 20 credit mark, you may be eligible for summer school or other credit recovering options.  Speak with your guidance counselors as soon as possible.

We hope everyone has a safe and productive summer.  Remember, it’s the work you put in over the next couple of months that will determine your success in your next season.  Success leaves clues….look at the players and teams that have enjoyed the level of success that you want to emulate.  Are you working as hard as they did? Can you work even harder?  If you truly want it, you will.  Enjoy the summer!

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