Sunday, December 1, 2019

WH Athletics

A new season of athletics begins tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited.  We are hoping to break our record for student participation and we believe this is very possible because we have so many non-cut opportunities.  Students of all ability levels are welcome in these sports: Indoor track, swimming, gymnastics and wrestling.  Both boys and girls hockey also will have rosters that can accommodate players of moderate ability levels assuming all safety concerns can be met.  To join a team simply log on to and fill out the permission slip.  There you will also find the registration checklist.

We had a great rally right before the break.  We want to thank everyone who helped make it possible especially our athletic captains.  Check out these great pictures provided by Sue Moss -

Very often you might hear us talk about our Panthers acronym and wonder what it is.  We hope all of our students not only understand each letter but bring each one to life.

Panthers - P Precision: a ridiculous attention to detail. Our players do not cut corners or do things ALMOST the right way. We take pride in building winning habits especially with the smallest details.

A Attitude: attitudes are contagious. How we deal with setback and failure is crucial to building on our growth mindset. Smile and have fun while still competing with a hard nosed approach.

N - Noble/Nurturing:Noble players have strong character in and off the court.Your reputation is what we think you are but your character is who you really are.Nurturing is helping your teammates grow and learn on and off the court. Nurturing means you are eager to teach and help

T is Talking and Communicating: our gym is always loud and our players have conversations on and off the court. Communicating is as much about listening as it is about talking. We use names and give meaningful information.

H is Hustle: we sprint into drills, we move with a sense of purpose in all that we do, we never slack of or demonstrate any sense of laziness.

E is to enhance: our players look for every opportunity to make the team a better place. Our players are always asking themselves what they can do to contribute to our team.

R is reminders - our players strive to give two reminders per minute - on and off the court we help each other think the game. We are thankful and appreciative when a teammate gives a reminder.

S is spirit: a quiet gym is a losing gym. Our players, not our coaches, provide the energy in the gym. We celebrate each teammates successes. We push each other with enthusiasm- this doesn’t stop when we are tired. This is when we get louder and find the second wind

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