Thursday, February 11, 2021

Winter Track info

Winter Track 2021

Season begins February 22 and ends April 25
Experienced Coaching staff
Head Coaches: Steve George and Steve Schlicting
Assistant Coaches: Samantha Richner and Kim Coletti
Communication: Text Coach George at 781 367 8487 Coach Schlicting 617 543 5945
Email Coach Schlicting at Coach George
it's important that athletes communicate via text when they can't be at practice
Other communication:
Twitter: Steve Schlicting @ SchlictingSteve
Facebook: whitman hanson cross country and track and field
Blog: wh cross country blog
WH Athletics
Practice begins at 2:30 athletes can wait in Cafe doing homework until we start
We practice outside this season . Athletes should dress appropriately(layer) hats and gloves
Masks are required.
Practices start at 2:30 and will end about 4:00 PM Monday – Friday Saturdays 10 AM-11:30

 The Patriot League is currently working out the details of what outdoor competition.

Our team objectives:
Provide consistent daily training aimed at improving speed, endurance, strength, coordination and confidence.
Provide a supportive team experience
Instill a sense of commitment, work ethic and recognize achievement

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