Monday, September 6, 2021

WH Athletics

After a busy preseason, we are ready to open the fall athletic season this week. As a reminder, the MIAA app and website is no longer being used. The state is now using arbiter sports. The links to the schedules and calendar can be found at
Please remember that user fees are now due. Each family must either pay the fee and past due amounts at the website or contact us with a payment plan. The user fee is $250. Students who have not paid the fee or arranged a payment/service plan will be held out of action. While we do not grant any waivers for the fees we do allow payment plans and service plans. Parents can work the ticket booth (concession stands do not qualify for credit) or students can do scorekeeping or general athletic cleaning.
Finally, the Patriot League has a renewed emphasis on fan behavior and sportsmanship. Please be on the looking in your email on some new guidelines. In short, please know we will not tolerate any negative interaction between parents and officials. Parents may not yell anything negative to our game officials. We Have reached a breaking point where many games have to be cancelled because we cannot get officials. All of us involved in high school Athletics must do better in how we treat these people who dedicate their time to our students so they can play the games they love. Please help us by maintaining good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome or a specific call.

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