Sunday, August 21, 2022

Golf Tryouts

Whitman Hanson Golf Tryouts

First things first:

  1. Complete the Parent/Guardian Permission Slip, found on

  2. Complete the Student Concussion PreTest, also found on

  3. Either have a current (they expire after 13 months) physical exam on file           with the school nurse, or submit a current physical exam to the school nurse. 

* All players trying out must have the above information filled out and taken care of PRIOR to the day of tryouts.  You will not be able to tryout if you do not - there are no exceptions to this!

Day 1 Monday, 8/22: 9:00 AM

Ridder Golf Course Driving Range Putting Green

  • Athletes will be given a free bucket of balls at the range - each player will have the ability to warm up and practice whatever clubs they choose from their bag.

  • Coaches will monitor players individually, potentially informing them what club to hit.  They may be rated on a point system, which will be explained the day of, where players will be evaluated on their swing, contact, and overall performance.

  • During this time, athletes will also have the opportunity to practice putting, where they will then be monitored individually for varied distance putts.  Distances may range from 3 ft putts to 40 ft putts (lag putting). This, too, may be rated on a point system.

Day 2 - Tuesday, 8/23: 1:30 PM (first tee time is @ 2:00 PM) 

Day 3 - Wednesday, 8/24: 12:00 PM (first tee time is @ 12:30 PM)

Ridder Farm Golf Course

  • Each athlete trying out will be given a round of golf (9 or 18 holes - determined by the course).  During that time, you will be randomly placed in a foursome.  Each player is required to walk the course, carrying your own bag (unless you have medical documentation that says otherwise).  


      • Stroke play is the format, meaning every stroke counts.

      • No player can score higher than double par (i.e. if it's a par 3, the max you can score is a 6).

      • Range finders are allowed, but only for distance.

      • No caddies or spectators allowed.

      • No shared equipment (clubs/balls) - everyone must have their own.

      • No cell phones permitted during play.

      • Proper golf attire required (collared shirt, no cut offs)

** Based on numbers this year, it looks like we'll have to make cuts. We plan on keeping 14-16 golfers, based on a combination of driving range and putting skills, course play, golf etiquette, and readiness for varsity golf.  There is no exact score that will "make the cut" as that can differ year to year based on the number and ability of golfers trying out.

** Please contact Coach Dempsey with any questions (

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