Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Press Release

Whitman – The Whitman-Hanson Regional School District continues to work closely with state, county and local officials to monitor safety concerns surrounding the threat mosquitoes pose to our students. The Hanson Board of Selectmen voted on Tuesday, September 13th not to impose any evening restrictions on town owned fields. They made this decision based on recommendations from state officials due to the threat level remaining moderate. This time, last year when the board voted to restrict evening activities the threat level was listed as High. In addition, at the request of the school district, Plymouth County Mosquito Control sprayed our high school campus on Wednesday morning (9/14/11). Other school and town owned fields (in both Whitman and Hanson) are now scheduled for spraying next Wednesday, September 21st. The high school will also be sprayed once again at that time.
At this time, due to all of the information we have gathered, the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District will hold evening outdoor activities as scheduled as long as the threat level is not increased by the State Department of Public Health and the local board of selectmen does not vote to impose restrictions. It is still very important for students and parents to recognize that although the threat level is not high, there will always be a risk of diseases carried by mosquitoes. For this reason, we strongly encourage all students, parents and spectators to use repellent with DEET, wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. A more detailed explanation of all safety precautions are available at . Other resources, including a map of the highest risks areas, can be found at .
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