Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Baseball Tryout Update

Baseball tryouts will begin Monday, March 21, for all candidates.

Due to the large number of Freshmen and Sophomores who have signed up, we are going to move that group to the 3:30 starting time. This will give Coach MacDonald time to arrive from EB so we will have a full contingent of coaches for that group.

That means Juniors and Seniors ( as well as returning varsity players from last season) will report to the varsity field at 2:00 pm for Mon., Tues., and Weds. next week.

Also, there are still candidates who do not have up-to-date physicals and/ or concussion baseline tests on file with the school. 

Of course, no one academically ineligible will be able to participate.

With close to 80 candidates signed up, missing a day of tryouts because obligations have not been addressed could be the difference between earning a spot or not.

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