Sunday, March 27, 2022


Spring tryouts are in the books and students will be competing in 8 different programs over the next 8 to 10 weeks. One of the necessary and often unfortunate parts of some of our athletic programs are cuts. While many of our programs do not have cuts, others need to have them for safety and management of the teams. It just isn't practical to have 30 kids on one baseball team for example. We do our best to offer every student a fair chance to the make team but we recognize that when someone is cut, it can be a devastating experience. This is why we offer so many opportunities in our non cut programs. It is not too late to join another sport if the first choice did not work out. Our track and field program offers something for everyone. There many different events involving running, jumping and throwing. All of these athletic activities help students in their quest to be more prepared for other sports. The track and field teams are a welcoming group of student and coaches who are sure to make it a positive experience for anyone who wants to join.

As we approach this new spring season, a reminder that all parents and students should be following us on Twitter @whathletics to get updates on schedule changes and other important information. The only accurate source for schedules is . Max preps is not always accurate and the newspapers also sometimes don't get all of the changes.

Over the course of the season, parents are reminded that when any issues may arise like playing time or discipline that we should follow this course of action in this order: 1) the student meets with the coach to try to solve the problem 2) the parents set up a private meeting with the coach (please do not approach the coach after a game or practice) 3) the parents can contact me (after the first two steps were taken) by calling my office at 781 618-7433 or you can set up a meeting with me by emailing me at 4) if after the first three steps, you are still unsatisfied with how we are handling matter you can request a meeting the principal Dr. Jones by calling his administrative assistant at 781 618-7410

Most times, problems are solved after the first step and it is very rare for a matter to be escalated. However with that said, please know that as your athletic director it is always my goal to make the experience positive for your child, regardless of their ability. Since I have been doing this so long, I may be able to offer you strategies on how to help your child get the most out of this wonderful and special time in their life. You can call me or contact me anytime if you think I can be of some help. Also, please feel free to say hello when you see me at the games. We look forward to a great spring.

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