Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cross country still perfect

The Whitman-Hanson boys and girls cross country teams both improved to 6-0 on the season with wins over Middleboro.The race was in Middleboro and was 3.02 miles.The WH boys won 15-50...and took the top 8 places:1-(sr) Brian Sheppard 19:272-(jr) Pat Brett 19:283-(fr) Lukas Moscoso 19:284-(sr) Steve Smart 19:285-(so) Sam Evans 19:286-(sr) Tyler Durant 19:297-(jr) Josh Long 19:298-(so) Jayson Keenan 19:29The boys packed it up today and did what they had to do. We have huge races coming up on Saturday and Hingham on Tuesday...and we want to be fresh for those races. I was happy to see Jayson in that pack....and the boys are starting to show some depth.The WH girls won 15-45 and took the top 5 places:1-(so) Sam Coletti 20:292-(jr) Kelsey Tierney 20:293-(jr) Megan Concannon 20:434-(jr) Caroline Mulrey 20:435-(so) Abbie Newman 20:43The girls were also able to pack it up and save something for the next two races. The girls still dont have depth...but with better performances from Shawna Ryan, Kristin Arthur, & Jess Gaudreau....they are improving....and that is what we are looking for.

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